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  • Angelus
  • The Secret Garden
  • Fence Murals

Angelus (Latin for "angel")
6' X 9' Acrylic on plaster
‘Angelus’ is an original concept developed by GI artist Bruno Capolongo to celebrate the 2014 centennial of the Cooper House, a Colonial Revival Manor in Hamilton, Ontario. Painted on location, the mural is the crowning feature in the heart of the home, located in an upper gallery on the second floor, just steps beyond the grand staircase. Thus located, 'Angelus' is at once appreciated upon entering the home, and beautifully framed by pillars and an archway. The ceiling mural depicts an angel in flight, who appears to hold a chain from which a light fixture hangs from the middle of the ceiling, the very same light which illuminates the mural.

The Secret Garden
3' X 7.5' Acrylic on plaster and door (work-in-progress)
The setting for this mural is a narrow domestic hallway flanked by bedrooms and terminating awkwardly with a linen closet. The goal of the project was to make that door "disappear," replacing it with a pleasing and enlarging scene. This was achieved by taking a fully integrated approach, where the home's existing architecture, landscaping and ornamentation were sourced, including the doors, cypress trees, and hedges, which are all featured in the painting. The illusion of the mural is that the corridor appears to lead into a small room, ending in opened French doors which lead to a hedged-in side yard. Facing the doorway is a statue of an angel that closely resembles the style, scale and spirit of an existing statue on the estate. The sum effect is a serene scene that is entirely believable and realistic, even ideal.

The Fence Murals
This set of three drawings depicts a series of murals conceived for placement on a 240' long park fence in Toronto, Canada. The theme given was water, so each image includes some water. These murals are imagined as life size, and were to be painted on Magnesiacore panels and then mounted on a 7' high fence. Two of the murals feature animals which are symbols of Canada; the Canada goose, and the beaver. This mural concept has not yet been approved or commissioned, thus, it - or a version/portion of it - is available to other bidders at this time. If you are interested, or have questions, please contact us.